This case highlights nonprofit hospital organizations’ changing roles and relationships with their tax-exempt status and the communities they serve. Historically, nonprofit hospitals justified tax exemption by meeting community health needs but have evolved into extensive partnerships with for-profit organizations to obtain the resources necessary to provide state-of-the-art care. Unfortunately, these arrangements have raised issues regarding tax-exempt status, making nonprofit hospitals an increasing target of property tax exemption challenges for cash-strapped municipalities. This was the case when the property tax exemption of Morristown Memorial Hospital was called into question. The New Jersey Tax Court pointed to a complex structure in which nonprofit and for-profit interests were inextricably intertwined. It is held that, if modern nonprofit hospitals operate like this, they are essentially legal fiction. Students assess whether the Hospital satisfies the criteria for property tax exemption and debate the legitimacy of tax exemption given the changing nature of nonprofit hospital operations.

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JEL Classifications: H22; H71; H75; I18; K34; L31.

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