With companies increasingly expected to undertake potentially costly climate-response strategies, we explore the roles of management control systems (MCSs) in how companies simultaneously manage their decarbonization objectives and their financial commitments. Based on research at 19 European chemical, steel, and utility corporations, we extend the concept of “proactive/reactive” response strategies by proposing three additional decarbonization strategies: wholesale green transition, green segmentation, and engagement. Second, we highlight the recursive relationship between MCSs and these strategies. We also postulate a dynamic model of MCSs evolution in the decarbonization context, whereby engagement strategies form the foundation of green segmentation and vice versa. Third, drawing on an integrative model, we propose three antecedents to companies’ response strategies relevant in this context, namely, their framing of decarbonization as an opportunity or a threat, the different perspectives on the availability of green technologies, and the different perspectives on the policy context.

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