Firms depend on information technology to provide high-quality internal information, but prior research suggests that IT is underutilized. Prior research suggests that when CEOs have experience with IT, then IT is more likely to be accepted throughout their firms. We take these arguments a step further by asserting that CEOs with IT expertise are more likely to encourage the utilization of IT throughout the firm, thus improving the information environment that is revealed through numerous outputs of the firm. We first investigate whether firms that employ CEOs with IT expertise make forecasts that are more accurate, even if they already use an enterprise system (Dorantes, Li, Peters, and Richardson 2013). Overall, we find that CEOs with IT expertise do make forecasts that are more accurate. We also find that firms with IT-expertise CEOs announce earnings on a timelier basis than firms with non-IT-expertise CEOs.

Data Availability: The data used are publicly available from sources cited in the text.

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