During the promotion and tenure process, most institutions evaluate whether the candidate has published in high-quality research journals. This study examines the perceived impact of the Journal of Information Systems (JIS) on the promotion and tenure process. The research surveys 149 accounting information systems professors and 36 accounting department leaders. Results suggest that 62 percent of respondents indicated the JIS was very impactful on the promotion and tenure process, while 34 percent perceived the journal to play only a supportive role to higher-ranked journals. Further, senior scholars hold a higher perception of JIS's impact, while those who have served as external reviewers for promotion and tenure committees hold lower perceptions. Finally, results indicate a negative association between perceived promotion and tenure impact and whether the respondent is from a private institution, a larger-sized institution, and if the institution offers a doctoral program.

Data Availability: All data used in this study are available upon request. The survey may be found in the online resources.

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