This paper ranks systems faculties, accounting doctoral programs, individual accounting systems researchers, and the most influential accounting systems articles based on Google Scholar citations to publications in the Journal of Information Systems (JIS). All articles published in JIS for its first 25 years of existence are included and four citation metrics are used. Information is presented over three time periods (1986–1993, 1994–2001, and 2002–2010) to provide additional insights on changes over time. The study also analyzes the content and research methods of “most cited” articles and describes trends in the types of systems research that have had the greatest impact. Findings suggest that JIS's impact has consistently improved over time. The H-index for JIS also suggests that the journal compares favorably among its peers. A correlation analysis between the four citation metrics and the number of articles published in JIS provides evidence that counting articles published is a reasonable proxy for the influence or significance of authors. Potential doctoral students with an interest in accounting information systems, new Ph.D.s with an interest in accounting information systems, current accounting information systems faculty, department chairs, deans, and other administrators will find these results informative.

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