ABSTRACT: This case supports the high‐level objective of learning to model business situations to design databases and query them to solve business problems. Students analyze Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and related fulfillment data to develop business intelligence for a grower of bedding plants selling to big‐box retailers. Students prepare a business process diagram to understand the business process; identify objectives for detecting and correcting data errors and analyzing business performance; construct a Resource, Event, Agent (REA) diagram to specify a database design; implement the database and query it to satisfy business objectives; communicate results; document data error correction procedures; and prepare adjusting journal entries. The case is appropriate for students with moderate database querying proficiency. The case's managerial and financial accounting and internal control implications make it suitable for courses in Accounting Information Systems (AIS) and database systems for advanced undergraduate students and in AIS, database, and managerial courses for master's students. The data are supplied in Microsoft Access® databases.

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