The Omni Furniture Company Case was created to help students enrolled in an accounting information systems (AIS) course further their understanding of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) by thinking through all stages of the development process. Omni is a privately held company that has found a market niche by assembling several models of simple yet durable desks, tables, and chairs for use in offices. After several years in business, Omni has recently experienced tremendous growth that has resulted in cash flow and production scheduling problems. Susan and Barry Omni, the owners of the company, realize that the information system they have been using is outdated and needs to be improved. No one in the company has the time or ability to develop such a system and so a business consulting firm has been hired to develop the new system. Each business consulting team is required to (1) design a system that will solve Omni's cash flow and production scheduling information needs and (2) use an appropriate software package to actually implement the system. Teams do not design a system that processes transactions; data should be manually entered into an appropriate software package such as Access or Excel. All tables must be linked so that one change in the data affects all of the information presented in all of the reports.

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