The objective of this research project is to examine the impact of information systems (IS) outsourcing announcements on the market value of contract‐granting firms. This study is important to researchers, professionals, and policy makers as it provides empirical evidence from the capital market that outsourcing is considered to be a value‐added business exchange for contract‐granting firms. Research findings indicate positive and significant market value gains for smaller vs. larger firms and service vs. nonservice industry firms. The significant effects observed in this study are explained by the existence of information asymmetry in the capital market for smaller firms and service firms, and by the relatively higher investment made by service firms in information technology. This study contributes to accounting research by examining the importance of providing financial report users with nonfinancial forward‐looking information concerning management's strategic decisions, such as the decision to outsource IS functions. Additionally, the current study complements and extends extant IS outsourcing research, as it integrates efficient market and capital market theory into ongoing investigations aimed at identifying the underlying determinants of IS outsourcing decisions.

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