This is my final issue of JIAR as the Book Reviews Section Editor. I have been in this position since Lee Radebaugh reestablished the book review section in 2006 and appointed me as editor. With this issue, I have overseen the publication of 48 reviews. I believe that I have accomplished the goal of providing useful information to JIAR readers. The book reviews section also further validates scholarship published in the form of books, textbooks, and monographs. I would like to thank Lee Radebaugh and Ken Ferris for all of their support while I was in this position. I also want to thank all of the volunteer reviewers for their hard work. It is the work of the reviewers that makes this section possible.

Finally, I am pleased to welcome the new JIAR Book Reviews Section Editor, Tommy Carnes. I know that he will do a great job.

If you...

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