Accounting firms are making significant investments in audit data analytics technologies to modernize their audit services and the audit profession is believed to be on the verge of a transformation (BDO 2016; Deloitte 2016; EY 2015; Forbes Insights 2015; PwC 2015). In particular, the firms are emphasizing newer technologies such as interactive data visualization (BDO 2016; Deloitte 2016; PwC 2016) and they are increasingly expecting students to have data analytics skills (Forbes Insights 2015; PwC 2015). In this case you take on the role of Bryan, an audit senior assigned to Acme Company, who has been tasked with using interactive data visualization to gain an understanding of Acme's sales and perform an initial evaluation of two fraud risks identified during a fraud brainstorming session. Bryan has been given a data file with over 250,000 financial transactions and five master tables that he needs to analyze using interactive data visualization.

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