The sample final exam questions/solutions ( Appendix A) and in-class exercise instructions for students ( Appendix B) are available in this supplementary document.

East Bank conducted marketing campaigns to encourage its clients to subscribe to the term deposit. Based on historical data of the campaign outcomes, you decide to build machine learning models to predict if the term deposit would be or not be subscribed by a customer and provide insights to the marketing department.

Below is the data dictionary:


Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No.142 requires auditors to conduct annual goodwill impairment testing and write off goodwill if necessary. However, the annual goodwill impairment testing presents significant challenges for auditors, and the PCAOB’s inspection results also reveal that testing goodwill for impairment is a common audit deficiency. As a member of a newly developed audit analytics team in a Big 4 accounting firm, your manager...

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