Syed et al. (2020) provide some detailed characteristics regarding the tasks that RPA can handle.

The Revenues, Receivables, and Receipts (RRR) process is automated due to the business's transactions and resource constraints. The tasks in the process are extensive, repetitive, highly rule-based, and time-consuming. They have a low tolerance for exceptions. Other processes such as Purchases, Payables and Payments (PPP), and Payroll have more complex and less rule-based tasks than the RRR process. The PPP process depends on the information available through the intranet procurement portal, such as the price list, product code, and list of suppliers for existing projects. In addition, human resources need to be involved in negotiating a competitive price with suppliers for the new projects. Due to changing customer tastes and seasonal trends, assortments change over the long-term. Hence, not all purchases are recurring processes.

The assumption is that the payroll process is too risky to...

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