These Teaching Notes include a sample student memo solution (see Appendix A). Appendix B provides a sample case grading rubric that can be used to assess students' understanding of the case and final communications, regardless of the point value the instructor wishes to assign to the assessment. Appendix C provides a summary of solutions and talking points that should be present in the students' final case deliverable, as well as debriefing instructions for in-class discussion and follow-up. The raw Excel data file for student use and the completed Excel data file for instructor use are provided. Appendices A, B, and C are available for download, see the links in Appendix D.

To: Company Management

From: Student's Name

cc: CAE, BOD

Date: Today's Date

Re: Findings of AP Audit

My team just completed our annual audit of the company's accounts payable department. AP represents a significant outflow of company resources and,...

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