This brief case can be taught in 75 minutes. A sample teaching plan is provided below.

Figure 2 presents the scatter chart required in question 1.

Figure 3 presents the scatter chart required in question 2.

Question 3 asks students to reflect on their exploratory data visualization and assess how Dr. Pérez’s changes have impacted the pharmacy’s costs. Taken together, the two scatter charts illustrate that Carescript’s labor cost structure evolved over the last ten years. Figure 4 shows that, for prescription volume above approximately 13,000 units, the data exhibit two patterns. One set of data indicates a positive relationship between prescription volume and labor costs, whereas the other shows a more fixed relationship.

The time-series graph shows that labor costs became relatively fixed around June 2017 (shown in Figure 5). Before June 2017, they were mixed. This is indicated by the fixed relationship between labor costs and time...

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