See Tables 1–3.

See Table 4.

Table 5 provides a summary of the information detailed above.

Veronica’s job responsibilities include making deposits, paying bills, preparing the payroll, reconciling bank accounts, paying taxes, and tracking costs.

Additional wages deposited in Veronica’s accounts were not correctly included in her wages. They continued to be listed as wages for individuals who were not employed at Cover U. Again, the weekly wage deposits were generated by Veronica as well as additions to the payroll deposit list.

Veronica’s fraud was pervasive. It not only included unauthorized payroll schemes; it also included unauthorized cash withdrawals, falsified business expenses, personal expenses charged as business expenses, and insurance fraud. As the state did not know who perpetrated the false reports, Ray was initially charged with filing false reports. The investigation quickly expanded to include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Ray was charged with over...

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