The Teaching Notes offer solutions and instructional discussion points for the case. Provided with these Teaching Notes are “Kick-Off” and “Wrap-Up” PowerPoint slides to introduce and debrief the case, respectively, as well as a suggested grading rubric.

Appendix B provides links to a set of example PowerPoint slides that instructors can use and/or tailor to introduce the case in class. The “Kick-Off” slides help to introduce the following topics:

This section provides a suggested response (identified in italics) for each of the items in the Deliverable Workpaper and Memo Guidance (Appendix A of the case). After each question set, we provide additional discussion that instructors can use to further guide in-class debriefing of the case.

Taking a risk-based approach, special attention should be paid to the accounts of Leon Jewelry and Bedouin Bijoux since they have the largest balances. In addition, special attention should be paid to Bedouin Bijoux because...

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