Student memos will vary as there is no single “right” answer for the memo. Therefore, suggested solutions are offered for the in-class discussion and the memo, as well as instructor guidance on what is to be expected from student responses and common problems that students encounter.

In the “Implementation Guidance” section, it is suggested that students read the case and discuss the issues in class prior to having them write the memo. This helps to ensure that all students understand the important facts needed to write the memo. The case involves a salmonella lawsuit against Dawson Tea and Spice Shoppe (DTSS) and the impact on the June 30, 2019 (fiscal 2019) financial statements.1 As noted in the case instructions, start by asking “What are the issues in the case?”

Students' suggestions typically start as “big picture” issues (e.g., “How do we account for the lawsuit?”). The instructor should lead...

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