These Teaching Notes include:

The WrecksAll Drug Company case is based on an actual concealed theft scheme that transpired at a privately owned company. All facts, names, data, and documents presented in the WrecksAll education case are fictionalized.

The WrecksAll case involves a privately owned local drug store that has three locations. In addition to retail operations, the stores provide credit to customers by filling prescriptions on account and submitting for reimbursement from health insurance carriers when customers have prescription coverage. WrecksAll does not have strong controls over receipt of the insurance reimbursements. Inconsistent oversight exists for write-offs of customer account balances for prescriptions filled for credit customers. The student case and interview transcript of owner Ben Broughton indicate that the owner believes he, exclusively, approves the write-off of customer accounts. However, Ben admits that Director of Accounting, Conrad Scaglia, presents significant write-offs of customer account balances each year-end due...

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