Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, large language model-based chatbots have attracted much attention. Although businesses value their potential for efficiency gains, academics are concerned about their effects on learning and assessments. This Case enables instructors to integrate large language model-based chatbots into the curriculum. Students assume the role of a professional accountant who retrieves an artificial intelligence-written text that has to be evaluated and improved before presenting it to a client. The analysis and writing activity help students gain domain-specific accounting knowledge and improve their writing skills. Students also improve their computer literacy as they learn to engage with artificial intelligence effectively, assess generated output, and evaluate output quality. These learnings enable students to judge in which business scenarios chatbots are beneficial and when original human contributions will likely remain superior. Finally, this activity expands other cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and judgment.

JEL Classifications: A22; A23; M40; M41; M49.

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