Not all relevant data come in structured formats. We created this teaching case to introduce students to an important data analysis technique that can be used on unstructured data: text analytics. This case focuses on why MD&A disclosures may provide auditors, regulators, and investors with decision-relevant information during the global pandemic. There are a wide variety of tools that can be used to introduce accounting students to text analytics. In the Teaching Notes, we provide instructions for Alteryx, a technology that offers a low-code solution to text analytics. Low-code solutions allow faculty and students to focus on critical thinking and applying text analytics to accounting. The learning objectives are (1) expand students’ understanding of text analytics in an accounting setting, (2) develop students’ skills necessary for performing text analytics, and (3) expand students’ critical thinking skills as they apply text analytics in accounting or business contexts.

Data Availability: Data are available from public sources cited in the text and materials that are available for download.

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