A plethora of research exists relating to active student learning, engagement, and pedagogical best practices. Unfortunately, related to auditing and forensic accounting, there are not many classroom activities aligning the aforementioned areas. This activity bridges said gap with an engaging exercise using the well-known “two truths and a lie” game. The activity's learning objectives include (1) identifying common signs of deception that may be present in interactions during auditing or forensic accounting engagements, (2) demonstrating the ability to determine when an individual may be using deception in interactions, and (3) demonstrating professional writing skills. Students create a short, simple video as a base for the activity, then engage in a subsequent review of assigned materials, group discussion, and an individual written self-reflection. Implementation results indicate this activity is a valuable learning experience, increases student knowledge about deception detection, and provides a unique platform for students to explore cues of deception.

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