This paper presents one approach to integrating data analytics (DA) and visualization content and software into the accounting information systems (AIS) course. The proposed AIS course model—which includes core and support components—covers many topics in the proposed 2024 CPA Evolution Model curriculum. The core components include an instructor-chosen AIS textbook and Alteryx Designer and Tableau Desktop software. The popularity, availability, ease of learning, and use of the Alteryx and Tableau software motivate choosing the software. The support components include weekly homework, a class project, professional certification exams, and a course survey. The course learning objectives facilitate (1) developing an analytics mindset, (2) cultivating an interest in accounting analytics and AIS, and (3) enhancing life-long self-directed learning in students. Instructors can implement the proposed course model in provided 15-, ten-, or four-week sessions. Evidence of efficacy suggests that the proposed course model meets its key learning objectives.

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