This case provides an experiential learning opportunity to (1) appreciate the role of professional judgment in accounting policy choices, (2) evaluate the effect of accounting decisions on other business functions, and (3) understand the challenges in transitioning to a new accounting policy. Prestige's previous auditors had allowed the use of output-based measure (milestones completed) to compute the percentage-of-completion (POC) for its long-term construction contracts. The newly appointed auditors recommended switching to input-based measures (costs incurred) to compute POC. Students must choose the appropriate financial reporting policy, considering accounting and non-accounting issues. The case addresses an important context because almost one in every eight large 500 companies is engaged in long-term construction contracts (AICPA 2013). Although the case setting is in India, it can be used in any country given its GAAP-agnostic nature. The case is best suited for intermediate accounting courses in which the topic of revenue recognition is addressed.

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