Tomorrow's accounting professionals need to understand both accounting and data analytics. To meet these needs, we developed a case that combines an important area of tax accounting, Effective Tax Rates (ETRs), with multiple data analysis skills. The case can be completed in Excel, or with Tableau and/or Alteryx, using Compustat or public data. The case's learning objectives for students are to: (1) expand knowledge of data analytics and ETRs; (2) use critical-thinking skills to identify economic, industry, and firm-level factors that might affect ETRs; (3) develop skills specific to data analytics and data visualization in accounting; and (4) develop effective oral and written communication skills. We evaluate the case's efficacy using data from pre- and post-learning assessment surveys and open-ended responses, which indicate that the comprehensive case meets these learning objectives.

Data Availability: Data are available from the public sources cited in the text.

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