This case introduces basic financial accounting concepts to graduate business students in an accounting orientation session (i.e., “boot camp”). Students assume they have invested in two cupcake businesses in Paris and they now want to determine which business performed best. Instructors can use this case, which provides students an opportunity to compare two businesses, to achieve several learning objectives including those related to accrual accounting (i.e., when to record transactions), the legal aspects of business (i.e., company structure, stock ownership, international accounting), and the use of estimates in financial reporting (i.e., depreciation, bad debts). This case also introduces students to the three basic financial statements (i.e., balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows), and the evaluation of financial results (i.e., net income versus cash flow, ratios). We have found that this simple, straightforward case helps students feel more confident when working with basic financial accounting concepts.

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