This paper builds on the self-reflections reported earlier by David E. Stout about what he has learned (thus far) about being an accounting academic (Stout 2016). As the title implies, this paper describes how I prepared for a second career as an academic, what I learned during my important first year as an academic, how I moved forward to expand my academic career, and some of the similarities and differences I found between academia and practice. To summarize my insights and recommendations, I include “What Did I Learn?” sections throughout the paper, hopefully providing a “few nuggets” for those considering the transition from practice to an academic career. The paper complements other recent papers in this area by focusing on one way a practitioner managed the journey from a rewarding career in the accounting profession to a successful career (debatable) in the academy. The contents of this paper may be of interest to those practitioners considering joining the academy after a career in the accounting profession or to those who recently became an academic. My desire is to encourage practitioners to join the academy, to provide insights to help them make an informed decision, and to assist them in their transition.

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