In this case students are asked to assume the role of Alex Trifold, CPA, an audit partner for the public accounting firm, Cook and Thomas, LLC, who holds going concern information about an audit client that may impact other entities audited by Cook and Thomas. The case study illustrates how adherence to auditing standards may place auditors in a difficult situation when balancing the auditor's risk of litigation, the clients' rights to confidentiality, and the auditor's duty to the public. Additionally, the case provides exposure to prior litigation cases against auditors with unfavorable outcomes when auditors chose to protect their client's confidentiality, and, conversely, in cases where auditors chose to protect the greater public interest. The case requires students to engage in critical thinking by providing their viewpoints as to the optimal balance of limiting auditor liability, adhering to client confidentiality requirements, and simultaneously serving the public interest. The case study is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate auditing courses.

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