This study examines the association between jurisdictions' CPA exam educational requirements and exam pass rates, scores, and number of candidates from 2006 to 2013. More specifically, we examine provisional candidacy to sit for the CPA exam. Provisional status allows a candidate to sit for the CPA exam prior to obtaining the required number of hours or graduate degree. Our results indicate that while 150-hour exam jurisdictions outperform 120-hour jurisdictions, provisional jurisdictions outperform both 150- and 120-hour jurisdictions for pass rates and average scores. We also find that the number of candidates sitting for the exam is significantly lower for provisional and 150-hour jurisdictions than for 120-hour jurisdictions. Our study contributes to the literature by considering the potential benefits of sitting in provisional jurisdictions and is likely to be of interest to accounting educators, state boards, and public accounting firms.

Data Availability: Data are publicly available from sources indicated in the text.

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