This article presents an overview and analysis of a set of papers that respond to a call for papers addressing the skills, other than those required for conducting research, that are critical for the professional success of doctoral students in accounting. While research proficiency is a key success factor for doctoral students at all types of institutions, long-term career success also requires proficiency in teaching and in related service areas such as performing peer-reviews of other scholars' work for journals and conferences. Three of the articles in this volume discuss programs that can be used to improve the teaching skills and effectiveness of doctoral students and fledgling faculty. Two of the articles in this volume address the skills required for improving the general body of research, and personal visibility within the profession, through discussing and reviewing papers. The final paper in the volume deals with how to manage the publication process, and contains valuable advice intended to prevent new faculty from abandoning publication efforts prematurely. We believe that the body of work represented in this volume will add value to doctoral education by supplementing the existing focus on performing research with the additional skills commonly required of members of the accounting academy.

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