This case provides students a unique opportunity to examine and reflect on the challenges of auditing in today's global environment. Students examine a real-world billion dollar plus embezzlement and fraud at Satyam Corporation, an international company based in India and previously trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The case focuses on auditors' responsibilities related to obtaining and evaluating audit evidence, particularly as it relates to confirming cash and receivables. It also explores the quality control responsibilities related to audit procedures performed by foreign affiliates of a large international audit firm. The case illustrates the role of culture in performing an audit in accordance with auditing standards issued by the U.S. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Additionally, case details provide opportunities for class discussions and foster students' critical thinking skills on other auditing topics such as audit risk and planning, related party transactions, tone-at-the-top, and internal control deficiencies. By using a foreign issuer to explore these issues, the case highlights both the technical and international challenges of performing auditing procedures.

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