The purpose of this paper is to report the results of an investigation of the impact of online quizzing on accounting majors' examination performance in the second intermediate accounting course. Specifically, course sections with no quizzes, post-lecture quizzes, and a combination of pre- and post-lecture quizzes are compared. The data are based on 666 students completing Intermediate Accounting II at a large public university in the United States. Results suggest that using both pre- and post-lecture quizzes can lead to improved student preparation, increased student participation during class discussions, more effective use of lecture time, and significant improvement in students' performance on subsequent examinations. Significant interactions between GPA and the presence of pre- and post-lecture quizzes indicate that the effectiveness of specific quiz formats is contingent upon student aptitude level. Students with low GPAs benefit more from the addition of post-lecture quizzes, while students with higher GPAs benefit more from the addition of pre-lecture quizzes.

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