PETER D. EASTON, MARY LEA MCANALLY, GREGORY A. SOMMERS, and XIAO-JUN ZHANG, Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation, 3rd Edition (Westmont, IL: Cambridge Business Publishers, 2013, pp. xix, 751).

Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation, 3rd Edition, is a textbook designed for financial statement analysis courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. While valuation topics are included in the text, the majority of the text focuses on financial analysis.

The textbook consists of 15 modules that are logically sequenced to follow the traditional steps in the financial statement analysis and valuation process. The modules stand on their own, providing instructors with flexibility; modules can be selected to suit various course objectives and lengths without significant loss of flow.

The text does an excellent job of making the material “digestible” to readers. The instruction and examples proceed in a very clear and methodical manner. Rarely will you find a page that...

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