Surveys of practitioners point to the importance of leadership skills in the accounting profession. However, leadership is not currently emphasized much within accounting curricula. Further, a review of the accounting education literature indicates a lack of instructional resources for accounting faculty desiring to help students develop leadership skills. As a result, accounting students may graduate without the mindset required to think of themselves as potential leaders. Therefore, there are opportunities to add value to accounting curricula by intervening in the area of leadership development. This article describes one such intervention that can be used as part of a comprehensive approach to leadership development. The primary goal of this three-week module is modest but important: to help instill a leadership mindset in accounting students. The class-tested module consists of targeted cases and supplementary readings covering six primary leadership topics. These topics were selected to build upon leadership material covered in a basic management course. While the module was used in undergraduate cost accounting, it (or a suitably reduced version of it) is appropriate for use in other accounting courses, particularly upper-level courses. This article offers implementation guidance and resources for the accounting instructor, including access to electronic files that can be used to teach the module. Assessment data from the students who recently completed this module indicate that they viewed the module as a beneficial learning experience.

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