Introductory accounting classes are predominately composed of freshman and sophomore nonaccounting majors, who may not be as motivated as upper-level accounting majors. As a result, instructors of introductory accounting courses are challenged in finding effective strategies to motivate these students to: (1) prepare for class, (2) arrive to class on time, and (3) participate in meaningful class discussions and activities. To address these issues, we give a short daily quiz at the beginning of each class. The quiz consists of three easy-to-grade conceptual questions that students should be able to answer, provided that they have read the assigned textbook pages. Empirical evidence suggests that the daily quiz has the desired motivational effect on student behavior with respect to preparation, punctual attendance, and participation. In addition, lower failure rates occurred in semesters that incorporated a daily quiz. Finally, use of the daily quiz had no adverse effect on course and instructor evaluations.

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