The in-charge accountant (ICA) for the Central Florida Emphysema Foundation (CFEF) audit engagement is left to wrap up the audit while the audit manager is away on vacation and the audit partner unexpectedly leaves for an out-of-state family funeral. Only one outstanding issue remains—accounting for a $5,000,000 cash bequest that CFEF received in the mail shortly after year-end. What is the appropriate accounting? After working through the issue, the ICA ends up on the opposite side of the fence from the client and even an audit partner from an associated firm. What should the ICA do?

This instructional case, based on a real-life experience, provides students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of an auditor's professional responsibilities through examination of the issues that arise in the audit of a not-for-profit entity. The case focuses students on important attributes one needs to be a successful CPA—ethics and integrity, perseverance, sound judgment, and decision-making and professional skepticism. Applying their knowledge of GAAP, auditing standards and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' [AICPA] (2010) Code of Professional Conduct, students will gain a better understanding of the types of situations that arise in practice and will confront the personal and professional choices that auditors must make.

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