ABSTRACT: The importance of public speaking (PS) skills to professional accounting success motivates improving students' self‐perceptions of these skills. In addition, evidence of higher levels of public speaking apprehension (PSA) among accounting majors makes understanding and working with students' affective (emotive) reactions to PS critical to their future success. In three studies, we design and implement an intervention based on principles from self‐determination theory (SDT) and motivational interviewing (MI). Its purpose is to improve students' PSA and PS motivation; it includes substantive PS instruction, dialogues, nonjudgmental feedback, and interpersonal support. The results of the three “proof‐of‐concept” interventions (Study 1, n = 23; Study 2, n = 14; Study 3, n = 36⁠) suggest improvements in students' perceptions of their PS cognition, motivation, and affect. Despite the limitations of self'reported measures and exclusively graduate participants, the results suggest that (1) the interventions, described in appendices, may merit replication and extension, and (2) SDT‐ and MI‐based interventions may prove useful in addressing aspects of accountancy pedagogy that induce student apprehension.

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