ABSTRACT: Forensic accounting is a rapidly growing segment of accounting practice, and the demand for forensic accountants far outstrips the current supply (Kellogg 2008). Litigation support and expert witnessing is a major component of the practice of forensic accounting. Virtually all areas of accounting knowledge and expertise are directly applicable to the field of litigation support. Faculty can provide an effective learning environment by carefully fashioning forensic accounting courses, or small portions of other accounting courses, that address the knowledge base and many diverse skills that provide the essential foundation for practicing forensic accounting litigation specialists. The purpose of this paper is to explore the numerous exciting aspects of forensic accounting and to address the unique educational experiences that arise from forensic accounting courses. We start with a brief overview of the litigation environment in the United States. Next, we discuss the nature of litigation support and expert witnessing, including the role‐played by forensic accountants in the litigation process. We conclude by addressing the issues involved in designing, developing, and teaching forensic accounting courses.

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