This case is based on an actual fraud that occurred and provides you with an opportunity to develop fraud examination skills, which include document examination, searching public records, financial statement analysis, and communicating the results of your work. Such skills benefit all accounting students regardless of the career path they may choose (e.g., a fraud investigator, an auditor, a consultant, a tax accountant). This case also: (1) exemplifies the complexity often found in fraud cases, and (2) illustrates how fraud examinations differ from financial statement audits. While some of the names of the parties involved have been changed, no facts in the case have been altered. Interstate Business College (IBC), founded in 1912, collapsed in the wake of allegations of top management fraud. The allegations became public when 23 former students filed a lawsuit against the director and owner of IBC, alleging misappropriation of student funds. You will assume the role of the fraud investigator hired by their attorney to determine if there is evidence to support their claim. Upon completion of the case, you will have a sense of the amount of documents, detail, and work involved when resolving fraud allegations.

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