This case presents an introduction to using computer‐assisted auditing techniques (CAATs). Specifically, this case integrates ACL audit software into the financial‐statement auditing class. The case has three assignments. In assignment #1, you will walk through an interactive exercise that introduces the basics of the ACL software package. Assignment #2 introduces you to the audit context. The client, Norwood Office Supplies, Inc., operates in the highly competitive retail office supplies industry. In this assignment, you will be required to first identify business/operational and financial‐reporting audit risks and then recommend audit procedures that can address such risks using the ACL software. You will then be asked to identify issues that may lead to opportunities for providing the client with different types of assurance and consulting services. In assignment #3, you are required to execute the audit procedures using ACL. While the authors created the data for the case, the audit context is a realistic portrayal of the highly competitive office supplies industry.

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