This paper illustrates a business‐process approach to delivering the core business undergraduate curriculum, consistent with the trend toward processmanaged organizations. In addition, it discusses how accounting education can be incorporated into this model and how a process‐centered curriculum may give accounting students a broader and more integrated educational experience. This model conforms to recommendations from the academic accounting community and the accounting profession's demands for increased capabilities in accounting graduates.

Six business‐process modules are outlined for the undergraduate business core curriculum, and the role of accounting in each of these modules is presented. In addition, we outline three teaching approaches to managing and delivering a process‐centered program and discuss assessment of program outcomes. This proposed approach may provide business programs a mechanism for achieving several benefits that include: (1) the potential for a more effective way to deliver an integrated understanding of how businesses function, (2) a more efficient educational process, and (3) a framework for formulating and implementing a strategy for developing the accounting and business curriculum consistent with modern business practices.

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