This paper develops the motivation for collaborative discovery learning online and explains its application in a master's course in information systems assurance. In discovery learning, participants learn to recognize a problem, characterize what a solution would look like, search for relevant information, develop a solution strategy, and execute the chosen strategy. In collaborative discovery learning, participants, immersed in a community of practice, solve problems together. In collaborative discovery learning online, participants seek the knowledge they need and solve problems together in a virtual environment. For this purpose, virtual environments are characterized by web‐based access to resource materials and participants' work and web‐based discussions occurring in real time (synchronously). This approach to learning prepares students for work environments in which new problems are the norm and professionals work collaboratively to solve them in virtual spaces. The paper makes a case for the course being more effective than lecture‐based instruction because of its use of collaborative discovery learning online, more accessible because participants may be anywhere they have Internet access, and more affordable if the development and delivery efforts could be leveraged across multiple universities.

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