This paper fills some of the theoretical and empirical deficiencies regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dimensions in Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions (IBFIs). The firms' CSR initiatives are the key to secure success in modern business and society, and there is a scope to develop a broader understanding of CSR in globally integrated business and financial markets. This paper provides the Islamic perspective of CSR, which is etho-religious based and, thus, more meaningful and intensified. It proposes a CSR framework for IBFIs based on principles of Islamic economics and society. The proposed framework urges IBFIs to engage in community-based banking, work toward the betterment of the poor, ensure the most efficient and socially desirable utilization of financial resources, develop their institutional frameworks, infrastructures, and innovative products to facilitate the wider circulation of wealth and sustainable development in the world. This paper observes that IBFIs have failed to deal with underlying CSR challenges due to lack of commitment and expertise in the field. The CSR-based outlook of IBFIs can only ensure their legitimacy, sustainability, and long-term success.

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