Field research is increasingly being employed by audit researchers around the world. However, given that many doctoral programs, especially in North America, devote little or no time to this method, understanding what constitutes good auditing field research is problematic for many editors and reviewers. Hence, the goal of this article is simple: to provide editors and reviewers with a set of suggestions/guidelines that can be employed to assess the quality of auditing field research as field research. In addition, this article might be helpful to those audit researchers who are teaching themselves field research methods to calibrate their understanding of rigorous and trustworthy field-based research methods, as well as for doctoral students and accounting departments interested in expanding their scope of course offerings. To achieve this goal we pose and answer ten questions about field research quality illustrating our responses with best practices observed in currently published or forthcoming papers. We also identify various methodological resources that will assist editors, reviewers, and authors in developing a greater appreciation for and an ability to evaluate qualitative auditing research.

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