SUMMARY: This study examines the engagement quality review (EQR) process from the perspective of the review partner. A questionnaire was administered to 127 audit partners in public accounting firms, experienced in performing EQRs. The questionnaire covered the elements, associations, and contextual features surrounding the EQR process. Partners recalled an engagement of their choosing where they acted in the role of review partner and where the review process involved direct negotiation or discussions with the engagement partner to resolve one or more issues. The results provide a comprehensive picture of a typical EQR; the issues involved, the process, and the outcomes that may result. Taken together, the results describe a professional, collegial, non-adversarial process, primarily focused on the objective of resolving difficult and complex client accounting issues. The ultimate resolution of the issue giving rise to the interaction may be a reflection of the suggestions of the reviewing partner or the engagement partner; frequently it is a new and synergistic solution.

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