G. Peter Wilson, most recently on the faculty at Boston College, was a consummate academic and leader. He profoundly influenced accounting research and the art and science of accounting instruction. He also advanced the accounting academy through his various leadership roles at the American Accounting Association. This memorial article documents Wilson’s early upbringing, academic career, professional activities, and achievements. The overarching themes are love and impact. Wilson loved life, loved his work, and above all, loved his family, friends, students, and colleagues. As a result, he profoundly impacted each aspect of the academy—research, teaching, and service. Indeed, his impact continues through the undergraduate and master students he inspired, the doctoral students he mentored at various universities and consortia, the colleagues he collaborated with, and the many who continue to learn from his innovations. This article sets forth the most significant impacts to preserve the past and inspire future generations.

JEL Classifications: M41; M42; M48.

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