When Sudipta Basu asked me whether I would join this panel, he was kind enough to share with me the proposal he put to the conference organizers. As background to his proposal, Sudipta had written:

While Sudipta's proposal resonated with me, I did wonder why he asked me to join the panel, and whether I am seen these days as just another “grumpy old man.” Yes, I am no doubt among the oldest here today, but grumpy? You can make your own mind on that, after you have read what I have to say.

This essay begins with several gripes about editors, reviewers, and authors, along with suggestions for improving the publication process for all concerned. The next section contains observations on financial accounting standard setting. The essay concludes with a discussion of research myopia, namely, the unfortunate tendency of researchers to confine their work to familiar territory, much like...

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