Chuck Horngren, over the years, was tasked with introducing many of the leading lights in our profession before they made public speeches. He typically began:

This expresses the feeling of inadequacy of doing justice to the life and career of Charles Thomas Horngren.

Chuck, the son of William and Grace Horngren, was born on October 28, 1926, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His father worked for over 40 years as a railway mail clerk on the Milwaukee Road.

His father was an avid baseball fan, a passion he passed on to his son. Chuck often reminisced about his dad taking him to the baseball games and meeting many of the day's baseball luminaries. He also had a collection of baseball memorabilia, including Yogi Berra's autograph in his book, Yogi: It Ain't Over… , co-written by Chuck's close friend, Tom Horton.

Chuck graduated from Washington High School in 1944 and joined the...

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