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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the search function on the site?

You can conduct a Quick Search from any page, by using the Quick Search bar located at the top of the page.

Quick Search will search for your terms within journal titles, and journal article titles, abstracts, authors, citations, DOIs, references, and the full text of articles.

Quick Search enables you to:

  • Search multiple terms – just type as many terms as you need into the bar
  • Search phrases – to search a phrase, put it in quotation marks (“…”)
  • Conduct Boolean searches – you can refine searches using the Boolean terms AND/OR/NOT between search terms
  • Search for a specific article, by entering the DOI

Q: How do I search across the entire AAA Digital Library?

The quick search is designed to operate differently depending on where you are on the site.

Performing a quick search from the main AAA Digital Library page will search across all the AAA titles. However, if you navigate into a specific publication and perform a quick search it will constrain the search to just that journal. We are working to add a control to allow users to select a search across all titles no matter where they are on the site, but at this time the best way to search across all titles is to return to the AAA Digital Library homepage and start your search there.

Q: Where are the advanced search options?

To streamline the search process for all users the advanced search options are available after the initial quick search. You can modify your search results using the filters available in the left-hand panel of the search results page:

To refine the results with pre-built search facets

Use the options in the left-hand panel to narrow the results

  • Format
  • Journal
  • Article Type
  • Publication Date
  • Availability

The availability filter allows you to filter by content that you have purchased or to which you’re subscribed, or that is Open Access or free content, or that is available for purchase.

To modify or add more search terms

Click the Add Term button to add a new text field to the search bar. You can refine your search by adding a secondary term to the original search. Click the Update button to show the modified results.

To filter search terms

Use the Filter drop-down above the search term to constrain the search within specific elements within the article. You can choose to limit the search to just looking for the term within things like the article title, author names, or the references.

You apply this filter to each search term independently.

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